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Voodoo and Glidex sales have been at record highs this year!
Originally popular among drag racers, these lubricants and speed aids were eventually discovered by Wing Car racers, scale car racers, and the home-set 1/32 & 1/24 scale car crowd.

We received orders from the Mini-4wd groups and RC racing shops this year. More and more racers and hobbyists who work with mechanical vehicles are finding the benefits of our high-quality lubricants and special dielectrics.


Voodoo Wonder Fluid

Voodoo is a wonder fluid that, when applied to any electrical contact, will clean off residues from arcs or oxides from heat. It is an oil-based dielectric fluid that will not corrode parts of the motor or car.

Voodoo not only works on motors but also on guide braids to keep the braid clean and make good contact with the track. It was also found that Voodoo is a cleaner, so when applied to hard rubber tires as used on 1/32 scale car tires, it cleans and softens them to improve traction of the car!

Glidex and Glidex II 

Glidex and Glidex II are high-quality oils developed for military fighter planes to lubricate high-speed turbines. Perfect for our high-speed slot car motors and axle bearings!

Glidex was our first oil, works best on ball bearings, but as customers requested a thicker oil for bushings, we developed Glidex II for bushings. These oils are a must for Slick 7 motor and axle bushings that are tight tolerance bushings requiring quality high-speed oils to function properly.


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