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Welcome to Slick 7 Products, a company that has been revolutionizing the world of slot car racing since its inception in 1980. Founded by the renowned racer Rudy Garriga, Slick 7 was established to introduce components to enhance the performance of Slot Cars that were unavailable at the time. We started after borrowing a controller and thinking our motor had slowed down. We discovered that it was not the motor; the controller had contacts made from an oilite material, so we developed the Silver Contact, a superior quality silver contact for high-performance slot car controllers. Over the years, we have expanded our product line to include a wide range of unique and performance-enhancing products, catering to the needs of slot car enthusiasts and racers worldwide.

Foundation and Early Success (1980-1982)

During the early years, basic products were introduced, which allowed Rudy to win the USRA Nor-Cal championship as well as the Southern California Championship in the same year. A feat that has never been achieved. During this period, Slick 7 identified areas of need, like the need for precision spacers and tuning lead with strong, oil-resistant adhesive that, unlike the other lead products available, would stay on the car during a race.

Innovations and Expansion (1982-1992)

With success in racing, Slick 7 expanded its product line to include chem-etched chassis, which were superior to laser cut ones, front tires, and bronze bushings that outlasted oilite bushings available at the time. We introduced ball bearings with the proper accuracy and running clearance for slot car use and many other items, properly designed for the specific use of racing slot cars, Graphite guides, still popular today and more! During this time we experienced a Slot Car boom, and with the success of racers winning championships using our products, the company grew and moved to a dedicated facility in Santa Clara California.

Rudy Garriga
Slot sports car racing competition

Continuous Evolution and Dominance (1993-2004)

After the move to the Facility in Santa Clara, we acquired EDM equipment to manufacture high-performance wing car chassis and magnets. With the help of legendary Wing car racer Craig Landry, we developed a hybrid steel/wire EDM cut chassis design, which Craig used to set the 1993 world record. Developments quickly followed with the introduction of aluminum chassis in the form of one-piece Aluminum designs and hybrid Aluminum steel designs. Our magnet sets became a sought-after product as we rapidly produced magnet designs, allowing motor builders to make motors with various magnet design configurations. This led to developing the 6-magnet motor, eventually creating 8-mag, 10-mag, and more motor designs.

Expanding into the rapidly growing sport of slot car drag racing. We worked with top drag racers Mike Aceves and Bill Iane to develop aluminum/stainless steel tube chassis designs for drag racing, setting world records in all open-class drag racing classes.

In the quest for higher performance, Mike Aceves and Rudy Garriga developed Glidex and GlidexII, synthetic aerospace oils with super-high film strength and a dielectric fluid called Voodoo, which increased the top speed of motors by keeping the brush arcing low and keeping the commutator clean.

With the increasing popularity of scale and realistic-looking cars, Slick 7 introduced 1/32 and 1/24 scale Eurosport chassis designs. Working with Paul Gawronski and Tracy Chin, these racers used our chassis and products to win National and World Championships. Slick 7 became a major supplier of chassis designs for the Eurosport class of slot cars.

Expansion into Slot Sports (2003-2004)

With the increasing popularity of scale and realistic-looking cars, Slick 7 introduced the Slot Sports brand. We introduced wheels, foam tires, magnets, bushings, and lead wire to enhance home set slot cars produced by Scalextric, Ninco, and Fly, which were rapidly becoming popular among the club racing crowd. These enhancements allowed the realistic-looking 1/32 home set cars to perform much better and could be easily run on wood commercial tracks. This indirectly led to the introduction of new high-performance slot car companies to produce high-end Scale slot cars, like Slot-it, which sold our axles under their brand, NSR, SCX, and others.

Continued Progress, Move to Texas (2005 to Present)

In 2005, Rudy Garriga joined the start-up Tesla Motors to design the early motors of the Tesla Roadster. Later, leaving Tesla in 2008 as co-founder of Cleanwave Technologies to develop a unique product line of electric motors and drives for full-size cars and trucks.

While running Cleanwave, Slick 7 continued to innovate with the introduction of gears and motor components to supply the Slot Car Racing industry. In 2018 Slick 7 consolidated operations and prepared for a move out of expensive California to Texas. The Santa Clara Facility was closed and big equipment liquidated. In 2022, Slick 7 moved to Grapevine, Texas where we continue operation producing our most popular items.

Today Slick 7 continues lead the way providing our popular legacy products. Our Glidex , GlidexII oil and Voodoo fluids are more popular than ever. They are now used by racers racing Commercial Slot Cars, Scale and club racing cars and more recently Mini-4WD cars and RC racers are discovering those products as well.

Slick 7 Products has proven that we can turn Slot Cars, Mini4WD cars and RC cars into race cars as well!

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