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Slick 7 Products is a leading manufacturer of premium slot car racing products for Commercial Raceways and International competition. Our products will enhance the performance of your Wing Car, Eurosport, or Drag Racing Car.

We manufacture components that enhance your slot car’s performance, and that is why we can say!

“We turn Slot Cars into Race cars!”


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Slot Sports, Similar to Slick 7, manufactures premium components for 1/32 scale Home set style cars to prepare them for serious competition.

In recent years, the home-set, scale model-type slot car community has migrated to club-style racing. The cars have become more sophisticated, and the racers have become more serious.

Slot Sports was created to serve this market with the same quality parts but with a focus on the 1/32 scale model slot car and to “turn your Slot Car into a Race car!”

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Slot Car Racing

Since 1981, Slick 7 has been a manufacturer of top-quality accessories for the sport of Slot Car Racing.

We offer components to enhance the performance of Wing Cars, Eurosport Cars, and Drag Racers used in international competitions and races at your local Raceway.

In the past, we produced chassis kits or magnet sets that were used to set numerous world records and win major championships worldwide. We no longer produce chassis or magnets and have now focused on the components to make slot cars better, and you will find our components in most of the top pro race cars in international competition.

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1/32 Scale Auto Racing

In 2003, Slot Sports was formed to supply high-performance components for the 1/32 scale model slot cars based on home-set cars manufactured by companies such as Scalextric, Fly, Ninco, SCX, Slot-it, NSR, and Carrera, to name a few. These are raced in clubs popular in Europe and are now becoming more popular in the United States.

Slot Sports has the same vison as Slick 7 but is focused on the 1/32 scale model slot car being raced by serious races in clubs worldwide. Our components improve the performance of the scale model car to turn those slot cars into serious racecars.

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Slick 7 Products

Slick 7 Products began when Racer Rudy Garriga saw the need to manufacture products not available in the Slot Car market and started the company.

Beginning with unique products like the silver contacts for controllers, and Lead weigh that featured an adhesive tape resistant to oil and stay on your car throughout the race (unlike other products), we expanded our product line to over 600 products, including EDM and Chem Etched Chassis, and EDM cut high temperature magnets. As a result, our chassis and magnets had been used to set world records and win Na#onal championships in the years between 1984 and 2008.

Win our move to Texas, we have eliminated the Chassis and magnet products and now focus on the components that have made our company so great.

Slot Sports:

If you are a serious Club Racer, then take a look at the products by Slot Sports.

We focus on the 1/32 scale model racing Slot Car and produce products to fine-tune your car for peak performance. We were the first to introduce the Hollow Axle, which was later supplied by companies like Slot-it. We supply traction magnets and foam tires to help run those cars on wood tracks.

Of course, Voodoo fluid is an instant performance enhancer as a tire cleaner, braid cleaner and motor com Drops provide the easiest way to make your car go faster!

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Turn Your Slot Car Into A Race Car.

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