Slot Sports By Slick 7 

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Is the company! SLOT SPORTS! - Visit the On Line Store to order any Slot Sports or Slick 7 Product, and a raceway near you will ship your order!


You can order any of our products on-line!

A raceway near you will ship it!

So now you can order all of our products on our on-line store!


If you want to fill the Slick 7 orders from the on-line store join the shopatron logo network! Just click on the Shopatron link and join today!



New Stuff!!

Slotsports RC!


We are introducing a series of RC "Toy" cars for raceways to sell to kids! These cars are low cost, intended for kids who may be too young or cannot afford the high performance Slot Cars of today. They come car and radio, starting at only $19.95!


New Wheels with Inserts! These are super light, concentric and have a great looking light insert!

They use the same tire that comes off the car!

We also introduce Foam Tires! These come in two sizes, narrow ones for front wheels or for Trans-Am or Nascars and Wide tires for LMP and Sports cars. These are ready to go onto a 3/32 axle, so you can replace the axle with SLick 7's hollow axle or polish down the stock axle to fit (Scalextric axles have knurled ends)

Updated : 08/27/2004